Sandi Amorim, headshot with kimonoYou’re here, finally, welcome.
I know it’s been a long journey, but you persisted when it would have been so much easier to quit.

I know this journey, because it’s been my own.

I know you’ve swam on, held your breath and braved the waves, only to emerge at the top of the crest to find yourself face to face with the threat of a seemingly insurmountable tsunami.

But that hasn’t stopped you.

You forged ahead because you have a purpose, one that involves more than merely treading water. That’s survival, and you’re way beyond survival – you’re ready to thrive.

And that takes a deep dive to your soul.

Get ready to plumb your depths, because within those depths lies a spark – your flame. A sacred flame that has been raging and protecting the precious truth of who you really are.

Freedom. Liberation. Love.

Through the acceptance of the Exquisite Paradox that you are.

You’ve glimpsed this, and it’s almost more than you think you can handle. You’ve reached an impasse. That is why you’re here.

Like a star about to go supernova, it’s time to let parts of you die, so that who you really are can shine.

Welcome, and prepare yourself.

The next leg of your journey is about to begin, but this time I’ll be right there with you, offering unwavering support and guidance as you uncover your darkest – and most radiant – depths.


Let’s begin…


Create the space you need to re-write your future.

The future where the best, most radiant version of you rises from the ashes and becomes who you’re truly meant to become.

Five sessions that will reveal the true you. The you who’s been suffocating beneath the rubble, waiting for a light to cut through the darkness. Waiting for an outstretched hand.

Waiting for YOU.

Freedom Awaits

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