100 Day Promise


Give yourself 100 days and transform your relationship to your word.

When it comes to personal development, the struggle isn’t about learning something new.

The challenge isn’t about knowing – it’s about implementation.

You’ve read the books. You’ve listened to the audios. Maybe you’ve even taken a few workshops.

You already know quite a lot, but that knowledge hasn’t made a difference.


: from Medieval Latin, literally, to send forth into the future

The 100 Day Promise is about creating a declaration that will reveal a new future for you.

It will give you what you need to effectively implement what you know, and it will go deeper to help you integrate your existing knowledge into creating the change you desire.

While you’re integrating, you’ll also come face to face with a buried time capsule of emotions and resistance.

But this time, you’ll open it and deal with it, because pretending that there’s no resistance is, well, futile.

Most of us have bought into the 21 day myth; it’s become part of the self-help lexicon.

But the truth is this – 21 days is just the beginning.


The 100 Day Promise is more than a program.

It is an environment designed to deepen your relationship with change.

It’s a space for you to learn how to hold yourself to your word, and this deepening will help you make AND keep better, more meaningful promises to yourself – and others.

It is a psyche-shattering shift from struggle to ease and from challenge to freedom.

“It isn’t that change is painful; it’s our resistance to the process that creates the pain… End the resistance and the discomfort ends.” – Bill Harris


The 100 Day Promise will give you what you need to effectively integrate what you know. It offers just the right kind of support you need to take measured, effective action in the parts of your life where you want MORE. 

Join the 100 Day Promise and receive: 

  • 100 days of coaching, strategies, and support
  • Weekly modules to support learning and implementation
  • Daily prompts to integrate your changes
  • Members-only private Facebook group for structure and accountability
  • Special rate on private coaching

I created the 100 Day Promise for myself, but noticed quickly how it helped my clients develop their personal practices, giving their promises the chance to live in reality – with power.

“They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol

The 100 Day Promise is for you if you thrive in a…

  • loving, supportive community
  • day-by-day practice of going deeper
  • place to create your practice and expand your comfort zone

Most of all, the 100 Day Promise is an environment of growth and development.

It’s not random. It’s certainly not rocket science.

It’s a practice.

And it takes work.

Research from The European Journal of Social Psychology suggests that although the average length of success in forming a habit was 66 days, it could vary anywhere from 18 to 254 days.

Which is why we’ll be together for 100 days. 

100 days to…

  • get clear on your unique promise
  • develop a practice that works for you
  • dissolve what’s stopped you in the past
  • commit, daily and consistently

You will create a powerful promise.

100DP formula

Then, you’ll commit – to yourself, to me, to the community.

And that public declaration is powerful.

You will feel vulnerable, but that vulnerability holds the key to your freedom.

You will want to break your promise. But you WILL find the courage and heart to stay the course.

Why? Because you also want more than anything to feel alive and powerful and free. To feel like an active, living, breathing participant in this experience.

100 days will develop the skills that will help you in other areas of life, because these skills can be used to integrate anything.

“It is astonishing how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen.” - Frances Hodgson Burnett

The 100 Day Promise is a place to find space.

  • A space to ask for what you need, while being kinder to yourself.
  • A space to give yourself a blank slate and a new beginning.
  • A space to try new things in community with a group of like-minded seekers.

What will you have at the end of 100 days?

You tell me.

  • A new practice in your life?
  • An old habit released without fear?
  • A deeper clarity and understanding of what you want?
  • Strength to eliminate what’s not working?
  • Freedom to embrace what you desire?

It’s up to you.

Rest assured, you don’t need to know what your promise is to register. We’ll spend the first week together getting it clear.

The best part?

You’ll have strategies that you can use again and again.

Personal growth doesn’t end. There’s no finish line when it comes to your happiness, development or peace of mind.

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.” - Henri Bergson



100 Day Promise: 

Program begins: January 2015

Focus: Your promise as an antidote to New Year’s Resolutions

Cost: $100 USD

No refunds or cancellations once registered. I will hold you to your word.

“Sandi brings a brand of wisdom to her coaching that produces real-world results. Her work is not only about feeling better – it’s about producing the results you want, and my results have been spectacular.” – Rachel Nelson

Registration begins December 15.

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Life is a promise. Fulfill it.

Life is a promise. Fulfill it.