More Joy, Less “Oy”


I’d already been thinking about 2011 having just completed my annual review when I saw this update on Facebook,

At first funny, the message started to sink in.

As I reviewed 2010, it seemed like I’d experienced a lot of “oy” in the past twelve months. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a bad year and I can easily come up with a detailed list of accomplishments.

It’s just that the feeling of “oy” followed by coulda-woulda-shoulda thinking was getting in the way of my creative process.

You ┬ámay have already noticed that “oy” is not your most resourceful state!

What if you could shift your perspective from “oy” to JOY?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Make two columns, “More” and “Less.”

Start writing and keep at it as long as you can.

More Joy Less “Oy”
More rest Less stress
More connection Less networking
More satisfaction Less comparison
More results Less reasons
More profit Less effort
More play Less obsessing
More singing Less complaining


There’s no right answer.

There’s only a shift towards what you want more of in the coming year.

Life. Is. Simple.

Then you get in the way.


Over to you:

  • Complete the exercise. Isn’t more joy worth it?
  • Share your “mores” in the comments below.