Rebel with a Cause

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Sometimes I follow people on Twitter because they’ve piqued my curiousity.

That was definitely the case with today’s spotlight, Francisco Rosales, the guy behind Social Mouths.

Whether it’s getting more traffic, developing a marketing strategy or rocking on social media, he’s got something to help you out!

Let’s start with some quirky facts about Francisco:

  • He’s married to the Naked Elephant
  • He’s unteaching his kids everything they learn at school
  • He’s living life on his terms, while helping as many people as he can
  • He wants to help YOU be successful online!
And so, my curiousity was aroused.

Just this one link on his site kept me reading for some time.

You can also hear his voice over at another of my favourite resources BlogcastFM.

He and Srini cover a lot of ground in this 45 minute interview packed full of blogging and social media goodness!

Today though? Francisco is shining as we talk about what’s most important to him.

1.  Why are you here?

I believe it isn’t just me but a tribe of people that has figured out that you can create a unique lifestyle by focusing on others.

In my case, I love empowering people to use talent and expertise to stand on their own as independent and create sustainable lifestyles.

I leverage the Internet to enable individuals and that helps me live on my own terms.

It’s a pretty awesome time to be alive if you pay attention at how stuff is dramatically changing in the way we do business or how we communicate.

Definitely grateful to be HERE.

2.  What is your future self calling for?

It’s calling me to be part of a movement that awakens people to make a switch in their lives, to step up to the plate and turn their passion into a creative and sustainable lifestyle. It’s calling me to lead a tribe of rebels that are able to change and communicate in a way that enable others.

That’s why I love Personal Branding so much.

3. How do you honour that calling?

I fight gremlins and limiting beliefs on a daily basis. I say yes and commit to stuff I’d normally resist. I try to be responsible for my impact and always have a positive outcome in mind.

If you have this “future self” in mind at all times and ask yourself what would that person do in any given situation, turns out this shit is not that hard.

(Note from me: How can you not appreciate his gremlin-busting, future-self lovin’ attitude?)

4. What is both effortless and life-giving to you?

I have a good sense of which ideas have potential to become real, what’s needed to bring it to life and what needs to be trashed. That also helps me advise and support people with their own projects.

I’m also able to communicate with simple language and get my message across in a positive way. I have come to understand that human communication is essential not only in everyday stuff but also how we conduct business and marketing.

5. What do you do best? 

Wow. How do you answer that! I got pretty good at being myself and delivering my essence to the people I interact with daily. What else can you offer others if you don’t start by being real?

Francisco at work

6. What is extraordinary about your work?

The co-creative environment I establish with my clients when I’m involved in a project. I create a 2-way flow channel in which I allow my client to dig deep into his/her creativity while I guide and recommend best practices.

I’m usually able to build a powerful partnership.

7.  What is guaranteed to inspire you?

Easier to answer…

I’m inspired by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

People with guts challenging the status quo and overcoming fear, people that put themselves out there creating, communicating, and impacting the world around them in a positive way, people crafting awesome on a regular basis.

I love the “new guy” with awesome ideas and a tiny but hardcore community. I don’t read Seth Godin anymore.

I consume that stuff every morning for a dose of inspiration.

8. What will your epitaph say when you’ve lived life on your terms?

At the end of the day I’ll be happy if my kids are able to say “My Dad was a pretty cool guy”.

SocialMouths is Francisco’s way of living on his own terms and delivering his 2 cents, but it’s really the vehicle to help as many people as possible be successful online.


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