Her Name Was Lola


The time has come to unleash that part of yourself you’ve been holding back.

You know, that part of you that likes the spotlight, craves attention and is longing to shine like the gems on a showgirl’s. . .tiara!

YES! That part!

Let’s call this oh-so-sparkly part Lola!

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl
With yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there

You might be thinking, “Hold on there! That’s crazy!”, what does Lola have to do with my life and business?


And yes, I know Lola loses her mind at the end of the song, but let’s focus on the positive for now, ok?

So. . .what exactly is so appealing about Lola?

Two words – showgirl strut!

It’s a way of being that is unabashedly, unapologetically, out-there-in-the-limelight, shining like you really want to!

It’s a way of being that has you shine from the inside out, sharing yourself and your gifts in the way that would be most wildly fulfilling for you.

Look at this gorgeous showgirl in the photo!

For me, she’s the epitome of Lola, oozing confidence, radiance and presence. And her smile beams like a beacon!

That’s what I’m talking about, and if it takes feathers and high heels to get into character? Then so be it!

Mars Dorian said it this way, “If you want to have an exciting and incredible life, you must make your favourite personality traits 3 times more extreme.”

When I first read his post it reminded me of a leadership training I did many years ago. One assignment that we had to do for the duration of the 6 month program was to be 10 times more excited in life.

Can you imagine?!

I thought this would be a piece of cake! I mean really, I’m outgoing, an obvious extrovert and I’m usually pretty excited (and excitable) in life.

However, much to my surprise the assignment uncovered all the areas where I wasn’t fully myself, where I hid my light, suppressed what I wanted and played small. There were no sparkles and definitely no feather boas in sight!

Now, maybe you’re a bit like me…

You’re pretty good at walking your talk, you’re reliable for keeping your word and people count on you. So, little by little, as you begin playing small it’s not always noticeable.

I call this the “smart rat syndrome.”

You’ve figured out how to get to the cheese without doing the work.

And it works for awhile, except for one. . .small. . .problem.

YOU know you’re not giving your best and it eats away at you, like a rat nibbling away at the cheese.

That rat, smart as it is, is killing you. It’s not giving you the life you want, is it?

The maze is no longer a challenge and the cheese has gotten old and stinky. You’ve become so trained to keep your head down and sniff out the cheese you miss out on everything else!

It’s time to give that up and step into your showgirl strut!

Seriously, what if this month, little by little, you began to sashay through life?

. . .just a little at first,

. . .letting your light shine more brightly,

. . .until you high kicked it out of the park, stepping out of the maze and into the spotlight?

One step, one kick, one sparkle at a time.

Step up, grab your boa and take this on as though your life depends on it.

Because really?

It does!