Plugged into Silence


The plan was to take a few days off, meander through rural Washington and spend some time with my husband Mark.

Masters of the road trip, we often leave town for 3-4 days with his camera and my laptop in hand.

Time together pursuing our passions. His passion for the seaside towns of the Pacific Northwest often get him out of bed early, while I settle in with a cup of coffee and my laptop. Usually, I organize or find Internet access so that I can check in. Not quite unplugged, but the volume turned down considerably.

This time however, I unplugged completely.

We wandered, relaxed, took photos, read books and enjoyed each other’s company.

Silence crept in, at first like an uninvited guest.

two buddha heads side by side

But I soon found myself appreciating it, my mind no longer wondering what was happening elsewhere. I know from past experiences with silent retreats that I am nourished by silence, but in the busyness of life I forget.

Be here now.

Easier said than done sometimes.

Most times.

You have to create space for silence. The speed of life for most of us doesn’t allow for time to be still, time to be quiet, time to be with your Self.

It encourages us, expects us to keep pace, stay on top of it all or. . .

Or what?

  • Readers will leave.
  • Numbers will go down.
  • Clients will go elsewhere.
  • Influence will decrease.

Ahh, the voice of the lizard brain speaks up yet again, luring me with its fear-based chatter. That’s what I heard as I realized I would be more unplugged than anticipated.

But here’s the funny thing that happened. . .

That initial moment of angst was replaced by space.

The space replaced by silence.

In that silence I was present.

Three days turned into five.

Be here now.

And I was.