The System of You: Mind, Body & Spirit

You are a system that consists of mind, body and soul.

You are a system that consists of mind, body and spirit.

three figures in reflection In this trinity, you probably have a preference, an area that comes effortlessly and alongside that, an area of challenge.

For me, the focus on the mind is taken care of with almost no thought as I read constantly, love learning and sharing what I’ve learned with others.

My spirit is cared for, although a bit less reliably, but I do make time to meditate, unplug and attend silent retreats as often as I can.

The system is challenged most in the physical, my body, and over time, this has taken a toll.

As I shared in the introduction to this month-long Homage, what works for me is to take things on in community with an aspect of accountability.

Well then, what better place to be held accountable than right here on my blog?!

Because here’s the thing…

Your body doesn’t lie.

This comes up a lot in my coaching work with clients.

Mostly because we don’t generally pay enough attention to what’s going on in our bodies and there’s a cost to that. A cost to our well-being and energy, but also to our emotional resourcefulness.

But instead of listening to our bodies, we ignore, rationalize and suppress most of the messages our bodies are giving us every day.

What do you think might show up if you really started paying attention, listening to those messages?

What positive impact would it have to check in with yourself throughout the day asking,

“What message is my body giving me right now?”

For example:

  • Your back twinges.
    • Do you move away from your desk, stretch and/or make yourself a cup of tea?
    • Or do you push through the twinge and keep working for another hour?
  • Your neck feels tense.
    • Do you drop your chin, close your eyes and roll your neck from left to right feeling the tension release?
    • Or do you give your shoulders a quick shrug and quickly get back to work?
  • Your belly growls.
    • Do you jump up to grab a snack?
    • Or do you check in, listening for what it needs. Food? Water? Distraction?
“No more words. Hear only the voice within.” – Rumi

Your body is constantly talking to you; are you listening?

Unless you’re like my friend Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living (one of the most inspiring people I know when it comes to self-care), chances are you’re probably not listening that well.

I love the questions she explored as she created her product – The 10 Minute Daily Invigorator – a video series designed to energize and invigorate your life:

How can you stay invigorated and excited all day long?

What might help you deal with fatigue when you have so much to do? 

What can you do to keep your energy going strong?

These are the kind of open-ended questions that create space for new ideas to show up.

Since I’m right here with you on the self-care journey, I’m trying things out and testing different resources myself.

Farnoosh’s product was one that I purchased a few weeks ago, but much to my chagrin, after a strong first week I slipped back to my sedentary ways.

How’s that for acknowledging my own weaknesses? Sigh.

In case you’re wondering, this work is never done. So, take a deep breath with me and shift your focus to what you want.

I want my mind-body-spirit – the whole system – to hum like a well oiled machine, so I’m recommitting to the 10 Minute Daily Invigorator. When I did it that first week I felt energized and inspired as I began each day, so I can only imagine the positive impact as it becomes more reliably a part of my daily routine.  In two weeks, I’ll provide an update along with more information about the product itself, so stay tuned!

We can’t measure our progress unless we know where we’re starting from.

It’s time to check in: 

On a scale of 1 – 10 (with 10 being fully satisfied) rate your self-care in each area (the numbers below are mine):

Mind – 9/10

Body – 3/10

Spirit – 7/10

Make note of your numbers because I’ll check in with you again next week. My clients often become overwhelmed when they focus on the big picture, but this challenge is more about the small changes you can begin to take now, regardless of where you’re starting from. It’s the small actions taken consistently over time that make the long-term difference, and I want you to celebrate the small wins along the way!

Like this one. . .

I recently enjoyed a spontaneous lunch with a friend. We both work from home and live nearby, so we met up for a lunch date. The day was sunny and warm so we sat out on the deck enjoying what might be the last of summer’s warmth.

Good food + fresh air + caring company = soul food for me!

As I walked home I was startled by the realization that I need to do that more often! So much so that I declared it in an update:

Facebook status update

Even after years of this training, it still amazes me how easy it is to take things for granted! My body’s been telling me for months to get out more, to move away from my desk and I haven’t listened very well.

You know what feels good and nourishes you, don’t you?

Then what’s in the way of following through?

For me, it was the structure of scheduling the weekly lunch date, and posting that status update got the ball rolling in a new direction. Friends quickly responded, and one called me to schedule a date that same day!

The other insight was this. . .

The fresh air and break from work were nice, but it was the time spent with someone I care about that nourished my soul.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

One system made up of three parts, all needing your love and attention.


Over to you: 

  • Mind, body and spirit. Notice which area could use your attention today.
  • Rate yourself in each area as I did above.