The Homage Continues


We’ve covered a lot of ground since the homage to self-care began. 

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Let’s recap, shall we? 

1. In The System of You: Mind, Body & Spirit I asked you to check in and rate yourself.

These were my numbers Oct. 3, 2011:

  • Mind – 9/10
  • Body – 3/10
  • Spirit – 7/10

And today:

  • Mind – 9/10
  • Body – 6/10
  • Spirit – 7/10

My primary focus was to feel better in my body, so I took actions mostly in that realm. I’ve walked more, taken more breaks, had a couple of treatments, started stretching and doing the 10 min Daily Invigorator – and it’s starting to show. I’m sleeping better and feeling more energy throughout the day.

You may think going up 3 points is not that big a deal, and it may not be for you in that area, but you’ve got your area. This, I am sure of!

I’m also sure you can relate to some aspect of this. . .clients fixate on having a big breakthrough and become impatient. I know because I’m the same. We want results yesterday!

They (and you, if you’re honest) are so in their heads judging and assessing their progress, they’re not consistent in their actions and then don’t see the results they want. We have got to get this through our thick skulls – it’s the small, consistent actions over time that make the greatest difference.

So, take a moment and rate your three areas a second time and notice any changes. Notice where you took action and where you didn’t. No judgment please; just a clear observation of your journey these past two weeks.


2. Then I shifted the focus to emotional well-being.

I asked you to pick one or two of the 10 strategies to take on as a practice. How did you do?

I noticed that even though I do a lot in this area, there’s always room to grow and deepen a practice. The amazing thing for me during this homage to self-care has been reconnecting to and remembering what works.

It’s easy to get busy, feel overwhelmed and do nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is a powerful choice. Often, it’s a default mechanism to keep yourself safe. A shift here calls for attention and discernment, and you’ll begin to notice the difference.


3. Moving on to date night. . .with yourself!

Three simple steps:

1.  Make time for yourself.

2. Get S.M.A.R.T. about your date setting.

3. Follow through.

Remember one of my favourite phrases, it’s not rocket science, it’s just practice.

This was followed by the time racket which sounds like this. . .

I can’t because I don’t have time.

I’m so busy, can’t make time for ________.

I really want to but _____________.

And so on.


4. I’ve heard them (and said them) all, which is why I came up with 25 Breaks to Energize You.

From the quickie 5 minute break to the planned 2 hour break, I covered them all. After 10 years of coaching, I’ve got ways of dealing with all your sneaky, lizard brain, “I don’t wanna” excuses.

I’ve committed to starting each day with my friend Farnoosh’s 10 Minute Daily Invigorator. When I start my day with this, I feel energized, alive and of course, invigorated!


5. Then Elana Baxter reminded us to step back and let go.

A simple and powerful practice, not always easy to do but so worth the effort. What could you let go of that would create space for more of what feels good, more of what you want?


6. And then the fun began with friends and colleagues sharing their thoughts on self-care: 

Restorative Action is Calling from Loretta Cella.

10 Ways to Practice Radical Self-care from Daniel Collinsworth.

Each one coming from a slightly different perspective, adding to the collective wisdom. So much wisdom that I’ll be sharing a few more guest posts until the end of the month.


7. One post touched my heart more than others, Just for Today.

I cried while I wrote it because I wrote it for myself as much as I did for you. It’s an invitation. Step out of the comfort zone and into your Self.


The truth is. . .

Only you know what’s important to you.

Only you can commit and follow through.

Consider these resources and choose something that honours who you are.

Your mind-body-spirit is calling for it.

Are you listening?

It’s your move.