Walking In Wonder


When you walk, how do you walk exactly?

Odd question, I know.

What I mean is do you look straight ahead or down at the ground? Do you look people in the eye or avert your gaze at all costs? Do you march military style or stroll like it’s Sunday afternoon?

How you walk says a lot.

Labyrinth at St. Paul's Cathedral, Vancouver, BC

I look around, I look at people, and I look like I know where I’m going.

For years I couldn’t understand why I got asked for directions or why people so often chatted with me on the bus.

Now I know.

It’s the walk.

But that’s only the day-to-day walk.

There’s another walk I’ve been thinking about.

How do you walk in the world?

Are you light-hearted, downtrodden or skeptical? Optimistic, resentful or curious?

What’s your way of being when you walk through life?

Just like your physical stride, this walk speaks volumes.

Which reminds me of Emerson’s quote, “What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” 

I walked another labyrinth last night. One painted on the floor of a beautiful old church in downtown Vancouver. And just like human beings, labyrinths have personalities. Well, I think they do anyway.

This one reminded me to lighten up and I completed my walk with a spring in my step.

One of the things I love about labyrinths is how they continue to work on you after you’ve walked.

An hour later in the quiet of my home, the word wonder came to mind.

wonder: to be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe

And I thought, how right to be filled with wonder on Thanksgiving.

Now, here’s the thing. . .being Canadian, I celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago, but can there ever be too much gratitude and wonder?

I think not!

So I wonder about. . .

my clients – courageous, inspiring beings who amaze me every single day

my colleagues – so many extraordinary coaches, therapists, consultants out to make a difference in the world

my friends – oh my friends, those souls who lift me up, keep me on track and love me no matter what

my family – far away or in the next room, always in my heart

So much wonder it makes a heart beat faster in delight.

To my American friends, know that you are loved and appreciated on this day of thanksgiving.

To the rest, may you too walk in wonder as you walk your own path.