Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should


Day 17 – Saying No

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” – Dr. Lissa Rankin


You’re so good at. . .

You should be a. . .

No one else can do it like you. . .

We need you to do it. . .

Nothing new here, you’ve heard it all before.

You have things you can do, things you’re good at, maybe even things you’re better at than anyone else. But unless you feel good about doing them it’s time to start saying NO.

True story:

Before I became a coach, I did many different jobs and I was good at pretty much anything I tried.

There was the year I worked for a publishing representative. I love reading and writing and I had a lifelong love affair with books. What more could I ask for? Nope, not for me.

Then there was the year I did research and development for a post-secondary institution. Loved the challenge of finding the right material, enjoyed supporting the instructors in creating their courses and was pretty brilliant at it, if I do say so myself. But did it light me up and make my soul sing? Nope, not a peep.

Two years of freelance photography and being my own boss. . .this was it, right? Nope, not even this, although it came closer than anything else I’d tried.

Each time I was lured by the challenge, seduced by the feedback that I was doing a great job and lulled by security.

But here’s the thing I knew in my gut and ignored. . .

None of that work came close to touching my soul or using my own particular genius.

I was just good at it.

Being good at something truly doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

“Lean in. Listen up. Closely.
It’s your soul speaking and she says, 
Get UP! I need you. I want you. I am you. Choose me.
Lean in. Listen up. Closely.” – Danielle LaPorte 

Are you willing to listen that closely?

Right here, right now, listen up.

L I S T E N.

Your soul’s been speaking for a very long time. It might sound like a whisper, butterflies stirring, or a long slow breath.

Take a good, long look in the mirror.

Is that the expression of someone who is lit up and inspired by life?

If your answer is yes, celebrate! It takes courage to shine that brightly.

If your answer is no, consider it’s time to start saying no so that you can say YES to the genius burning inside you.

You are ready.


Over to you:

In 2012. . .

  • What’s on your “stop doing just because you’re good at it” list?
  • What’s on your “hell yeah, that sets my soul on fire” list?
You owe it to your genius to find out. 


#reverb11 is a prompt driven writing project during the month of December. Its purpose is to inspire reflection and create intention for the coming year.