Get Up, Stand Up


“The secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.” – Paolo Coelho

black & white knock out at boxing match

How many times have you given up after 2 or 3 falls?


What stories did you tell yourself afterwards?

What did you decide about you?

I’m guessing if it weren’t you stopping you it’d be rather entertaining, possibly mystifying  but nowhere near as frustrating as it really is.

Am I right? (annoying aren’t I?)

“While you are building habits, it is 100% certain that you will be failing, not just a few times, but often.” – Julien Smith

Thing is, whether it’s starting a business, pursuing a dream or planning the next phase of your life, it’s tough to go it alone.

I know because I’ve got a pretty fierce dose of the Lone Ranger syndrome myself. It goes like this. . .

  • I don’t need any help.
  • I can do it myself.
  • Are you suggesting I can’t?
  • Watch me!

It’s a vicious cycle that can go on indefinitely and knock me out cold. Why? Because when I’m in that place, no one can contribute or offer support.

No one can make a difference and it’s painful.

“Would-be entrepreneurs who hold onto everything and try to do it all themselves usually sputter, then tumble.” – newenterprise

So the question is. . .

Who’s in your corner?

Coach. Therapist. Shaman. Astrologer. BFF. Mastermind.

Who’s there to pick you up when you fall, kick your butt when needed and love you up so you can take on the world?

“Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight.” – Bob Marley

I don’t care who it is, just that you have someone.

Someone who’s got your back.

Someone who’s listening for your greatness.

Someone who understands while still refusing to let you off the hook.

Because really. . .

Aren’t you tired of your face on the mat?


Over to you:

  • Reality check – who’s in your corner? Tell the truth about that and take a new action!
  • Tell me what you’re up to in the comments below.