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Star Polisher Manifesto

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I’ll never forget the day I read the first email I received from Carol Hess, today’s spotlight. She’d just read the post I wrote after my father-in-law died and her message said, “I just read your Starbursts post. You scare the shit out of me. And that means I need to work with you.”

I sat at my desk moved to tears. Sharing the experience of my father-in-law’s sudden death was terrifying. Had I gone too far, my passion too intense? And then Carol’s email arrived.

It was confirmation that this message which had been there all along in my work was my core message, and it was suddenly so clear I could no longer ignore it. Carol would call this my Soul Story.

And that is her brilliance – calling forth your Soul Story. 

The fascinating aspect of this story is that in reaching out and asking for what she needed, Carol made a difference for both of us.

Her work is empowering, but it’s not that she has power to give you. No. It’s more like she pulls back the veil so you can see your own power and claim it. Then she’s right there beside you, not just talking but walking the path.

Star Polisher Manifesto

When I think of Carol, words like authenticity, integrity and courage come to mind. And she’s funny! So damn funny, when we talk there is much laughter of the out loud and snorting kind!

You can get a sense of this for yourself in her teleclass, “Your Soul Song: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle” on April 25th. Sign up here!

She understands the power of the lizard brain, having gone toe-to-toe with it many times and has come up fighting – and singing her soul song – each time! Thank God because she’s now clear and shining as bright as Sirius in the night sky, sharing her gifts with the world.

I am delighted to call her friend and have her here shining in the spotlight.



1.  Why am I here? 

Carol Hess headshot

For the same reason I think we’re all here – to be of service. In my case, I’m here to polish stars.

I remind people they’re stars, and I help them figure out what makes them shine and how to go about shining their own brilliant light. I love being a star polisher!

2.  What is your future self calling for?

To sink deeper into what I call my Soul Story. In other words, to surrender to my highest self and live from a deeper place of authenticity and self-empowerment so I can shine my most brilliant light and be of most service.

So I suppose my future self is calling for me to polish my own star, isn’t she?

3.  How do you honour that calling?

By honouring the whispers, nudges, and hints that come from that wise place we each have within us. By spending time every day getting still and quiet. By dropping the reins of control and surrendering. I struggle with that last one a lot!

4.  What is both effortless and life-giving to you?

Writing. Well, let me qualify that a bit. Writing is always life-giving to me. And it’s effortless most of the time but not always. Writing sees me through the tough times and helps me make sense of them. It tells me what I’m thinking and feeling.

It’s the best way I know for me to drop into my Soul Story and reveal my authentic self to the world. I can’t imagine my life without writing about that life. Maybe it’s how someone who lives alone like I do bears witness to her life. And sometimes it’s how I bear witness to other people’s lives.

5.  What do you do best? 

At the risk of sounding disingenuous, I’m going to say me. I do me and my life better than anyone else can do me and my life. That sounds rather obvious, doesn’t it? But there is no shortage of people telling us who we should and shouldn’t be, what we should and shouldn’t do, what our lives should and shouldn’t look like. The awful, dreaded shoulds and shouldn’ts.

But here’s the truth.

No one is an authority on us. No one knows better than we do our own Soul Story and how we want to live it. It’s our responsibility and nobody else’s to figure out who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re going to do about it.

6.  What is extraordinary about your work?

A wise man told me years ago that I was here this lifetime to learn that the true source of freedom lies in being of service.  I didn’t have a clue what he meant at the time. I just knew I didn’t much like that word service! These days, I’m beginning to understand what he meant.

What’s extraordinary about my work is its profound simplicity and power. I polish your star, and I show you how to polish it yourself. That simple act of service (simple if I don’t try to complicate it of course!) sets both of us free. It frees both of us to step into our brilliance and shine brightly. That’s pretty extraordinary, don’t you think?

7.  What is guaranteed to inspire you?

Authenticity. Integrity. The courage people display when they take center stage and declare, “Here I am, World. Here’s my power. Here’s my light.” It brings tears to my eyes.

8.  What would your epitaph say if you’ve lived life on your terms?

She let her light shine and inspired others to do the same.

Carol is a writer, teacher, and polisher of stars. She wants to grow up to be an outrageous wild wise woman who grows herbs and writes books in her funky cottage on the edge of the Maine woods. She blogs at and is offering a teleclass, “Your Soul Song: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle” on April 25th. Sign up here!


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