Does Your Mind Need a Detox?


This time of year inevitably brings up spring cleaning plans of the physical space, both body and home. But that wasn’t enough for me and I began a month-long focus on spring cleaning from the inside out.

Including a detox of the mind.


verb – to rid the body of poisonous substances

How do you know if your mind needs a detox? 

Notice how often you think negative thoughts (yes, these are poisonous substances.)

Notice how often you compare, criticize and complain.

With enough time, these ways of being become habitual and toxic, and left alone long enough they will become default; like running on auto-pilot. Which wouldn’t be so bad except this pilot does not have your well-being as a priority.

You may not realize how much that auto-pilot (aka: lizard brain) has taken over your thinking. You may not yet have connected that drained feeling you often experience to the thoughts you repeatedly think and the stories you live like the truth.

Mostly, you probably think if you just took better care of your body you’d have more energy. But it’s not that simple because you are a system, a trinity of mind, body and spirit and if one part is neglected it has an impact on the whole.

Just like the crap that accumulates in your body when you don’t take care of yourself, your mind gets bogged down by crap of another kind, and rather than pretend it’s not there, sweep it out and make room for something new.

So where do you begin this detox?

Grab paper and pen, and a quiet spot. Consider the following questions, and write down anything that comes to mind. Tell the mad critic in your head to take a nap and just write down whatever comes up.

What do you wish you’d never done?
What do you wish you could forget?
How do you punish or beat yourself up?
What do you wish you could do differently?
What actions have you taken that you now regret?

Notice and keep writing.

Breathe and keep writing.

Write it out as a list, don’t get too caught up in the story of it.

What’s your reason (the real reason) for hanging on to your old beliefs?

Let it all out. From your head through your fingertips, onto the paper.

It can be challenging to get this crap out of your head. Stay with it; you won’t die from discomfort.

And now that it’s been transferred to paper, you can begin to see it for what it really is.

Poisonous, toxic waste.

Clients tell me it usually seems so ridiculous once they see the crap on paper, and the stories begin to fall apart.

Keep that fresh clear space in your head free by using this exercise to continue adding to the list on that paper. The more you get these toxic thoughts and stories out of your head, the more space you create in your mind and the more you’ll cause a shift in your overall thinking.

Because here’s the truth. . .

“If you don’t take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given. . .where are you going to live?” – Karyn Calabrese