Peace Comes From Within (and other thoughts on living)


Peace comes from within mural, Vancouver, BC

I believe peace comes from within. Looking outside yourself is the booby prize; there’s no fulfillment there.

I believe it’s ok to slow down. Sometimes it’s the only thing that makes a difference.

I believe in connecting with like-minded souls. They nourish me in ways unexpected.

I believe inspiration can only take you so far. You’ve gotta dig deep to take the right actions that will make a difference.

I believe laughter is the best balm to our wounds. Lighten up, the world is funny and so are you.

I believe we’re all doing the best we can. And. . .we can be and do better than that when we stop, breathe and respond. Reaction is exhausting.

I believe we each have our own unique genius. Your only job in life is to deliver that; the rest is distraction.

I believe fear is a great motivator. If you’re not afraid, it’s probably not your thing so let it go.

I believe it’s good to share and express our humanity. We’ll never get it all handled, stop pretending and embrace real.

I believe in declaration. Say what you want, say what you’ll do and say it loud so others hear and hold you to it. This should scare the pants off you.

I believe in love. . .even when it’s hard, you’re afraid, and you want nothing more than to run away. What would love do now is the answer.

I believe in living life on my terms. It’s ok that you don’t agree, you’ve got your own terms to live, so live them.

I believe in doing what it takes. Your dreams are worth the effort, so just do the work please.

I believe you get to say. . .how you want your life to go and how you want to feel about that. Don’t squander it or give it away.

I believe it’s good to rest in the unknown. You may not like it, but it’s where ‘what’s next’ is born.

I’m there now, a midwife waiting for the birth.