A Rampage of Appreciation


Every time you appreciate something,
every time you praise something,
every time you feel good about something,
you are telling the Universe,
“More of this, please.”
                                                     – Abraham-Hicks

I’ve just had a brilliant day.

Not just because the sun was shining here in Vancouver (a rare occurrence in January!)

Window silhouette at Dr. Sun Yet Sen Gardens, Vancouver, BC

It was simply one of those days, awake and present to my life.

And it reminded me of an amazing practice called rampage of appreciation, from Abraham-Hicks.

So good for what ails you, and more than a little woowoo.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make a list of everything you appreciate right now.
  • Keep going.
  • Continue.
  • Add to your list.
  • That’s it, you’re doing great.
  • How about a couple more?

That’s it. Crazy simple, yeah?

‘Going off’ in a rampage of appreciation is a magic elixir for the soul; an instant energy boost and feel-good stimulant.

It lightens the mood, and clears out the cobwebs and negative thoughts up there in your little grey cells.

It is also one of the most fun antidotes to your crazy lizard brain thinking!

Why? Because it feels so damn good.

I’ll go first and meet you in the comments.

What do I appreciate?

I love and appreciate how connected I am to friends all over the world through Facebook, Twitter and Skype. I know the most amazing people!

I love and appreciate how every morning my husband makes coffee, and delivers it to my desk with a treat. Leaves me feeling loved and cared for.

I love and appreciate that I get to work with the most inspiring, courageous folks. Seriously, some days I still pinch myself that I get to do this work that is so deeply satisfying!

I love and appreciate that we’ve spent so much time with Riley the past few months. He’s trained us in the world of Dog, and convinced us that it’s time to get a pooch of our own.

I love and appreciate the hum of silence. Still, pure, a space in which my thoughts flow and my creativity surges.

I love and appreciate the freedom I have in my life and even though I’ve been tempted now and then to return to a more secure work environment, I’m a clearly an entrepreneur at heart.

I love and appreciate knowing so many beautiful, extraordinary women: Cigdem Kobu, Jenny Bones, Carol Hess, Rita Chand, and Ellen Berg, to name a few favourites.

I love and appreciate that my home is filled with art made my people I know. Talented, creative beings: Cheryl Fortier, Carol Lopez, Mark Faviell.

I love and appreciate my family and how we connect easily and heartfully, by phone, text, email and visits.

I love and appreciate that I can work in my pj’s or comfy clothes if I want, from the comfort of my home.

I love and appreciate I have someone who totally supports my commitment to feeling good in my body. My chiropractor Heidi Benda is an extraordinary healer.

I love and appreciate how my body responds to the fresh green juice I’ve made on a regular basis. And then there’s my love affair with my new juicer – truly my favourite purchase in recent memory!

I love and appreciate my parents, always there to love and support whatever I’m doing. They’ve been married fifty years now and definitely give love a good name.

I love and appreciate my commitment to writing. Thinking back to when I started this blog and how uncertain I was about what I wanted to say, how I wanted to express myself. Now it is one of most satisfying parts of my business.

I love and appreciate how easily excited I am – by the sun shining, a burst of citrus in my juice, a sweet text from my guy, or a card in the mail. I’m excitable and I will not live a toned down life.

I love and appreciate you. For being here, reading my words, commenting, and sharing your life with me. It is a privilege to share the journey.

Your turn now. 

Warning: This exercise may cause happy dancing, singing in public and other joyful acts of love and appreciation!