Hungry for Rebellion


“Being yourself, being who you are,
is a successful rebellion.” – Unknown

definition of rebellion

Brene Brown says,

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of everything we are hungry for.”

A rebel is the embodiment of this, taking a stand for what’s important, what they hunger for.

It’s contrary to the widely held view that a rebel fights against something.

Instead it’s the fight for something that fuels their fire.

With so much pressure to confirm, has your rebel become dormant?

Suppressed and shut down by the push to:

  • go with the flow
  • never rock the boat
  • be seen and not heard
  • keep your head down and stay safe

The primal fear of being kicked out of the tribe is powerful. We do so want to belong, but at what cost?

The cost is that you sell out on what you desire, what you most hunger for in life.

It’s a cost that eats away at your soul.

Do it long enough and you hardly notice. . .

Until one day someone speaks of rebellion in a new way and your ears perk up. Your heart flutters, the spark comes to life, rekindled as the old way is challenged.

That day has come.

I’m asking you to see yourself as a rebel, a *deva-lutionary willing to question the beliefs that have long kept you in the dark.

It’s time to wake up, to rebel, to become relentless in this pursuit.

You can do this.


* A deva-lutionary is committed to questioning the beliefs that have kept her in the dark. She changes the world by looking inward, igniting a revolution from the inside out. She rebels for that which is important to her, not for the sake of rebellion itself.

A deva-lutionary has the heart and courage to be herself without apology, a warrior willing to do what it takes to play in the light.