A Surprise in the Mail


Dear One,

In case you’ve forgotten, I’m sending this note to remind you that you are a shining, beloved soul.

Your gifts are many and your willingness to keep exploring and doing the work is inspiring.

I see you sometimes, so burdened by doubt and it breaks my heart. Who I see when I look at you is an extraordinary being who is all heart and commitment.

Unleashed. Fired up. And free.

This is who you are for yourself, and others.


Sandi Amorim signature


I wrote this note to myself at a workshop I attended a few months ago, no idea when it would be sent.

It came on a day I was beating myself up for not sticking to my writing schedule; self-recrimination and guilt eating away at me until I saw my handwriting on the envelope.

I tore it open, and felt the tears immediately, moved by what I had written so many months before.

A little self-love at exactly the right moment.

Buddha said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

No one is immune.