99 Things I Love (because I love a good challenge)


I’m always up for a challenge, especially when I know it’s going to leave me feeling a rampage of appreciation.

Judy Dunn wrote in the post that inspired me, 99 Things I Love, that in doing this exercise,

“You get a sense of what’s important in life, where your priorities lie and what brings you joy.”

That is always a good thing.

So I set my timer for ten minutes as per Judy’s exercise, and began my own list.


1.  My first cup of coffee in the morning
2.  The books that surround me in my office
3.  My girl Tarty
4.  Connecting with friends
5.  Making my mom laugh
6.  Deep soul-shaking belly laughs
7.  Fresh homemade bread
8.  Watching whales in Maui
9.  Catching sight of an eagle high above me
10. Losing myself in music
11. Foreign films
12. Standing in front of paintings I studied at art school
13. The art I’ve collected over the years
14. Coffee dates
15. Salted dark chocolate
16. Homemade pizza (and leftovers in the morning)
17. Walking our dog Tarty at Kits Beach
18. Holding hands with Mark
19. Long, squishy bear hugs
20. Christmas gatherings with family
21. Singing
22. Surprising someone I love with a letter
23. Writing
24. iPhoneography
25. Wishing a book or movie would never end because it’s so good
26. Reading into the wee hours of the night
27. Long, hot showers
28. Green juice that nourishes me
29. My clients’ courage
30. Learning for no reason
31. Wrapping up in a blanket and reading for hours
32. Taking the ferry from Horseshoe Bay
33. Silent retreats
34. Babysitting Leo
35. Anticipating vacations
36. Lighting candles
37. Popcorn and movie nights
38. Catching a glimpse of a rosy sunrise from my office window
39. Sunsets at English Bay
40. Travelling
41. Smoothies for breakfast
42. Day trips with Mark
43. Cooking dinner in Malcolm’s kitchen
44. The sound of walking through fall leaves
45. Hanging out with my parents
46. Buddhas
47. Canadian spelling
48. My mom’s knitted slipper socks
49. Laughing so hard I snort out loud
50. Friends, glorious friends
52. Decorating the Christmas tree
53. Flickering, crackling fire
54. Sushi dates
55. Sunlight beaming down on me
56. Bare toes after a pedicure
57. St. Honore cake from Fratelli’s Bakery
58. Dates with my BFF
59. Sharing appreciation with my husband Mark
60. The little happy dance Tarty does after a wee
61. The smell of a wood fire
62. Finding the perfect gift for someone I love
63. Feeling F R E E
64. Cosy armchairs
65. Clouds, especially the ones that look like mounds of cotton
66. Heart-shaped rocks
67. Abba (don’t judge me)
68. Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (makes up for Abba, right?)
69. The Sound of Music
70. Pride & Prejudice
71. Jewelry that has meaning
72. My great-grandmother’s blue brocade coat
73. Smiling at strangers
74. The stunning beauty of Tofino…and in a totally different way, Maui
75. Flip flops
76. Egyptian Musk from my favourite shop in Winnipeg
77. Big, blue prairie skies
78. Snow on the Lions in winter
79. Deep, soul-stirring conversations
80. People who dare to be themselves without apology
81. My values of integrity, freedom, and play
82. Personal development and what it’s brought to my life
83. Imagining the future
84. That first night in my own bed after being away
85. Fresh sheets
86. Feeling good in my skin
87. Being Aunty San
88. The talent on The Voice (and my crush on Adam Levine)
89. My relationship with my parents
90. Coffee dates with my sister
91. Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush
92. Snuggling on the couch with my guy and a cosy blanket
93. The Internet
94. Skyping people all over the world
95. The beauty of Vancouver
96. Being true to myself
97. A brand new virgin journal
98. Getting on a plane, and the moment before take-off
99. New possibilities every day

100. Sharing myself through writing
101. Telling the truth (I took longer than 10 minutes!)