A Year in Review (gems from 2013)


green path at Ruby Lake Resort, British Columbia

Each line taken from a blog post written in 2013.


You are beyond compare.

Make a list of everything you appreciate…keep going, continue, don’t stop!

Feel all your feelings, but only magnify the good ones.

Today is the day to make up something good.

Now is the perfect time to dream…


Play more. Sing more. Dance more. Love more.

Discover what works best for you, then work it.

Allow what is and accept what is not.

Is your soul calling out for a change?

Your mindset matters more than your circumstances.

If happiness is a choice, why don’t you choose it?


The light you long for is within.

Ordinary people do extraordinary things all the time.

Your values are there to guide you, your feelings fuel the journey.

Imagine a love affair with yourself.

What you can be, you must be.


Life is a creative adventure; do your part and create.

Say something new.

Commit with your whole heart, then do what it takes to follow through.

Start living your life the way you want.

What would you do with only one day?


Let your secrets come out to play!

When you notice what’s working, your experience of it expands.

It’s the little things and small moments that turn your dreams into reality.

Just because there is no map doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore new territory.

Question the beliefs that keep you in the dark.

Lead your own rebellion.


What is your heart longing for?

You’ll figure it out. Trust yourself.

Your words matter.

Choose to open.


Give up apologizing. Own your bigness instead.

It’s time to celebrate the awesomeness of you.

A new beginning and all possibilities exist.

Anything that taps into a better feeling state is worth exploring.


Own your desires, and ask for what you want.

Speak up. Pay attention. Celebrate your you-ness.

Let go of what no longer holds value.

All is well. There is no other shoe to drop.


Rebel. Buck the trend. Try something different.

Choose love over fear every time.

Embrace change, but don’t rush it.

Own who you are without apology.

Who you are is an extraordinary being.


Get out of your head, and into your body.

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Your purpose is what you say it is.

Feed your soul in any way that feels good to you.


Set yourself in motion. Exchange your inertia for freedom.

Be in service to your desires.

Freedom has many flavours. What’s yours?

You are rooted, wild, and free; lean back and feel your strength.

You’re already connected to everyone and everything.

Tell the truth to get unstuck.


Life isn’t an all or nothing game.

What keeps you from feeling free? Look there.

Let go of what you know and make room for the now.

Where you are afraid, you are not free.

Coherence happens when you connect your heart and mind.


Celebrate what you love.

Honour what’s true for you, and to hell with the rest.

Wake up and notice the different.

Love creates the foundation of reality.


Writing this post was a reminder…

Even the most challenging times have gems, but you have to come through the darkness to see them.