A Year in Review: gems from 2016

Every year at this time I review my journals as I complete the year and make space for what’s next.

2016 was a year of growth and satisfaction, as well as challenge and grief. Writing these notes to myself was an opportunity to acknowledge it all.

I share these 108 insights with my deepest wish that they resonate and remind us all that even the most challenging times have gems.



1. Truth communicates through the body. Pay attention.

2. Freedom is always calling.

3. Obligation kills joy.

4. Write yourself a permission slip to do whatever the hell you want.

5. Whisper good things to yourself before bed.

6. Your words create your world.

7. Life is reciprocal. Pay attention to what you put out.

8. Expansion is inevitable.

9. Splurging now and then is necessary.

10. Celebrate the future before it happens.

11. Your preferences create your reality.

12. Pay attention to the details.

13. You can be as big as you want.

14. Practice displaces procrastination.

15. It’s not luck when you earn it.

16. Your willingness to risk leads to change.

17. The truth is usually right in front of you.

18. Your core desired feelings are beacons.

19. Chaos always accompanies change.

20. Be involved in a way that feels good.

21. Let go of what no longer serves you.

22. There’s no substitute for doing the work.

23. You are the source of your own aliveness.

24. Get over your need for instant gratification.

25. Vibrate how you feel.

26. Blocks are temporary; don’t make them mean anything.

27. Your desires come from the part of you connected to your soul.

28. Liberation requires courage and heart.

29. Forgive yourself and move on.

30. Practice what you love.

31. Don’t be afraid to burn bright.

32. Listen for resonance.

33. Walk away from drama.

34. Make choices that feel good.

35. You really have no idea what you’re capable of.

36. Turn down the noise and you’ll hear something new.

37. The more you tell your new story, the more real it becomes.

38. When possibilities flow, surf.

39. Trust the healing.

40. Surrender to the fire that burns inside.

41. Intention must be followed by action for change to occur.

42. Be on your own side cheering madly.

43. Include everything.

44. Start over. Again.

45. Become a light for others.

46. Change your mind.

47. Make more promises to yourself.

48. Your comfort zone is made up.

49. Face what you’re most afraid of.

50. You’ll find evidence for anything you believe.

51. The truth is not out there; it’s in you.

52. Your integrity doesn’t depend on others.

53. Explore your darkness.

54. Focus on what is real and true.

55. Take the first step and the path will light up under your feet.

56. What you feel inside creates what you see outside.

57. Action without alignment makes no difference.

58. Circle what you want before you claim it.

59. What you think is in the way is actually the way.

60. Everyone has a story but you’re only responsible for your own.

61. See the future but take action in the present.

62. Comfort yourself as you would a beloved.

63. Create from love and service.

64. Wake up to claim your freedom.

65. Schedule what nourishes you.

66. Always go with the better-feeling thought.

67. There are as many ways to sparkle as there are stars.

68. Become as fierce about your future as you’ve been tolerant about your fears.

69. Light and dark are non-negotiable.

70. Devotion trumps resolution.

71. Your future is in the vision.

72. Remember your roots.

73. Reflection is not always exact.

74. Do what you need to do to feel better.

75. Feel your intentions before taking action.

76. Trust the arrow you already shot.

77. Nothing is ever just one thing.

78. Hang out in the questions.

79. Release yourself from your own expectations.

80. Tell more stories of things going well.

81. Being flexible is an act of self-compassion.

82. Notice all the blessings.

83. Readiness attracts opportunity.

84. What you did yesterday doesn’t matter as much as what you do next.

85. Slow down to complete more.

86. Put yourself first, always.

86. Do the work, keep the faith.

87. Life is an art and a practice.

88. You are a creator.

89. Schedule what’s meaningful.

90. Circumstances are fuel.

91. Cleanse from the inside out.

92. Honour your rhythms.

93. Quiet your mind to see clearly.

94. Anything worthwhile takes practice.

95. Momentum is up to you.

96. Call on your angels in spite of your doubts.

97. Make yourself heard.

98. Spirituality is your devotion to spirit.

99. Self-care is an aspect of self-compassion.

100. The answer is always simpler than you think.

101. Let your grief take the time it takes.

102. Challenges are opportunities to realign.

103. Your attention is a resource; use it wisely.

104. Stop pretending you’re fearless.

105. Face your fear and create what you want.

106. You can’t create a positive outcome from a negative state.

107. Be unapologetic about who you are.

108.There’s no blueprint to creating a life you love.



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