Words That Touch the Soul


Words matter. 

The ones you choose create your reality.

Does your reality energize or drain you?

Which words touch your soul? And why?

“It is important that you say what you mean to say. Time is too short. You must speak the words that matter.” ― Kate DiCamillo


Words inspire me as I begin this year of living 50, some more than others. . .

words that touch the soul inspired by Moorea Seal

Words matter.

They can lift you up or bring you down in a heartbeat.

Breathe. . .a word that puts me in the present moment without judgment.

Silence. . .a word that creates the space that nourishes me deeply and reliably.

Too. . .a small word; only three letters but it can do so much damage.

Too much, too intense, too loud, too passionate (really? how is that even possible?)


Other words reach out and touch my soul.

Spirit. Radiance. Strength. Depth. Om.

They resonate, like a Tibetan bowl, leaving an impact long after they’re gone.

I don’t know how that happens; I’m just so grateful that it does.


Words matter.

They create your world.

A world that nourishes and supports your dreams.

Or. . .

A world that can weigh you down with its heaviness.


Your words matter.

The words you choose create a story that then becomes your future.

They create your life.

So choose wisely.

 “It’s all invented anyway, so we might as well invent a story or framework of meaning that enhances our quality of life and the life of those around us.” – Benjamin Zander


Which words would inspire the legend of how you lived your life?