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A life-changing program to educate, inspire, and support you in making the difference you were born to make – one conversation at a time.

What often seems magical and mysterious to clients is really a lens through which a coach views life in a positive, solution focused way.

That’s why I created The Coach Approach: Practical Magic for Everyday Living.

Secret #1: What makes me a great coach is that I still think of coaching as a form of magic.

Secret #2: What will make you feel like a great coach is the straight forward skill-set you’ll learn in the program.

After almost twenty years of professional coaching, I’ve listened to the many requests from clients and online communities, and I’m excited to present The Coach Approach, an online group training created to teach you the foundation of coaching which you can then apply to any area of your life and business.

There are many ways to coach, and many excellent schools and training organizations, but that’s not what this program is about.

The Coach Approach is about seeing the world with new eyes and a fresh perspective that will:

  • boost your confidence
  • improve your communication skills
  • deepen your rapport in relationships
  • give you a new way to interact with the world

The Coach Approach is for you if you want to:

  • bring the coaching skill-set to your current profession
  • deepen your facilitation skills with a coaching perspective
  • develop a strong foundation of personal and professional development

The Coach Approach is a valuable complement to those in the field of personal and professional development. People interested include teachers, psychologists, massage therapists, facilitators, workshop leaders, and healers.

Early reviewers have said…

M-in Rain“With over twenty years of experience, Sandi brilliantly shares her wisdom and expertise in an easy-to-follow format. She takes you through each step of the process of coaching so that it flows effortlessly.” – Margaret Hansen, Desire Map Facilitator
Stacey Bout“I love this material. Although I have a background in holistic health and wellness, corporate training and workshops in both, this information is the missing link for me! The information is practical, simple to follow and opens up a whole new skill set to take my own role leading others deeper. I believe this can and will be a game changer for many.” – Stacey Bout, Desire Map Licensee | Holistic Kinesiologist
Sharon“As a great coach Sandi knows that all good coaching sessions follow a structure. You might not know it as a client but rest assured it’s there. Sandi lays out this simple structure in an uncluttered way that allows you to move beyond your own self and become an open and curious conversation leader.” – Sharon Langshaw, Life Coach | Desire Map Facilitator

What IS the Coach Approach?


The Coach Approach is a four-month group training that will teach you the basics of coaching, a foundation which you can map onto any area of life. It’s also four months of learning, connecting, and contributing, to yourself and others in a whole new way.

To be clear, the Coach Approach is not about professional training and certification. It is a practical guide to bring coaching to your life and business.

I’m bringing nearly 20 years of experience as a professional coach to this training. That includes hundreds of clients, thousands of coaching hours, multiple certifications, and real life practical experience. What that means is you get a toolkit that includes basic coaching skills which are the foundation of every coaching conversation, as well as tools and strategies that can be used in as many variations as you can imagine.

Because here’s what I’ve learned over the years…

There is no right way to coach, there’s the way that works for you, and this applies whether you’re a coach or a client. I’ve learned and broken many rules as a coach, and the greatest lesson has been that when I coach from the heart and give my full presence, magic happens in the coaching conversation.

That’s what I want for you.

Farnoosh Brock“Sandi Amorim is not your average or even above average coach. She is extraordinary, a gifted, incredible coach, and I can’t recommend her enough.” – Farnoosh Brock, Prolific Living
Carol Hess“I’ve worked with a number of coaches, and Sandi is one of the best – if not the best. Yes, the more I think about it, I’ve got to say she is the best coach I’ve ever worked with.” – Carol Hess


What You’ll Learn…

Month 1: The Basics

Getting started, what coaching is, what it’s not, and what it can do for you.

Month 2: The Flow

Creating outcomes, developing rapport, understanding the big picture, and learning how to guide others.

Month 3: The Practice

Becoming solution-focused, asking the right questions, and learning how to use the tools to work through any problem or challenge.

Month 4: The Future

Creating a new reality by bringing the coach approach to your life and business, .

The Coach Approach will give you a clear and useful toolkit – your own treasure chest to bring good things to life.

What You’ll Get…

  • 4 months of teaching and support
  • 3 group conference calls per month
  • Members-only private Facebook group for support and accountability
  • A coaching manual of templates, scripts, strategies, and exercises


I’m giving you the basic tools I’ve used and loved myself over twenty years of professional coaching.

If this is right for you, sign up now, and I’ll see you soon.




The Coach Approach

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Investment: $2000 *

* To acknowledge the current challenging exchange rate, I’m offering an opportunity for my Canadian and Australian friends to pay in CDN funds.

Sign up here with a $500 deposit

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Three monthly payments to follow.


Pay in full

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Stacey Bout“I’ll admit it, the words coach and coaching used to make me screw up my nose a little. I had experienced one too many sales pitches, life changing guarantees and pom-pom cheerleading style Facebook posts with little experience of coaches who I resonated with on a practical, mind and soul connecting level until I met Sandi. Having experienced her work in various ways, I can honestly say she is the coach that converted me to believe in what coaching is really about. Direct, knowledgeable, a balance of practical and spiritual and above all else, supportive, Sandi made me feel that I wanted to be accountable to myself (and her). Don’t get me wrong, the pom-pom waving coaches are great for some people, however if you’re after someone to lovingly kick you up the toosh and guide you with a wealth of knowledge, tools and tips, then Sandi is your woman (aka Ninja Coach).” – Stacey Bout

Questions + Answers

What do I need to use the course content?

  • You’ll need access to a computer, tablet or smart phone and internet access.

How long does it take to complete the program? 

  • The program will run from January through April 2017, a total of four months of training.

What is the time commitment? 

  • My estimate is three hours per week: an hour of reading on your own, an hour to join or listen to our group calls, and an hour to work with a buddy.

I don’t know exactly how I’ll use the coaching skills. Is this right for me?

  • Schedule a 30 minute chat and let’s explore it together: Book now
  • If you pay in full you receive one month of mentoring upon completion to create how you want to use it in your life and business.

 Do I have to participate in the Facebook group? 

  • My experience is that people who actively engage in my Facebook groups tend to get more out the programs, and typically produce better results. We’ll have weekly assignments, and daily check-ins to keep you on track, but in the end, how much you participate is up to you.

Can I change my mind? 

  • Your $500 deposit is non-refundable. Please read this page carefully before you sign up to make sure this program is for you. Alternatively, talk to me first by scheduling a 30 minute chat before you register. See above.

Will you offer this program again?

  • I will probably run the program twice a year.


About Sandi

The Coach Approach was created by Sandi Amorim after almost twenty years as a professional coach.

Known as a cage-rattler, truth-teller, and ninja coach, Sandi Amorim has been shaking things up as a coach for two decades. Two decades (!) – which is kind of a lifetime in coaching years.

After training and working with many of the pioneers of personal development, Sandi found her sweet spot with The 100 Day Promise.

Twenty years is a long time, but she kept herself busy with multiple trainings, hundreds of clients around the world, and honing her ninja skills. It’s these same skills that had people asking, “How do you do that?” and voila, The Coach Approach was born.

A rebel at heart, she wanted to create a coaching program that taught the foundation of coaching, while leaving the serious business of certification and credentials to others. She’s put the best of her professional training and life experience into the program, and this makes her very happy.

The Professional Bio:

SA Headshot

Sandi Amorim is a Master Coach, creator of The 100 Day Promise, and bestselling author. She has spent twenty years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck and most importantly, what helps us thrive.

A seasoned professional in the field of coaching, Sandi is trained in Solution Focused Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), PSYCH-K, and Accelerated Evolution. She spent the first decade of her career focused on psychology, leadership, and neuroscience based bodies of work, but after an intense wake-up call at 49, she made a promise to herself to create, and live, a life she loved.

She is masterful at breaking down and dissolving outworn, toxic patterns and beliefs. A warrior for love and freedom, she will channel Kali and lead a search-and-destroy mission for what’s no longer working, forging a new path for a truly desired life. Her expertise is such that the past loses its grip, clarity appears, and acting from a place of love and freedom becomes a natural expression. She has worked with hundreds of women one-on-one, as well as in group formats, online programs, and live workshops and retreats internationally.

In 2014, she worked closely with Danielle LaPorte, leading the first Desire Map workshops in the world. Discovering her core desired feelings ignited her passion and she became a fiery advocate for women to feel good at any age, and especially in mid-life.

Core Desired Feelings: Spacious | Cherished | Free


“All problems exist in the absence of a good conversation.” – Thomas Leonard