Dating with Desire

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Let’s begin with the heart of the matter…
What’s keeping your from the relationship you most desire?

How do you want to feel?

When you walk into a room
When you share your truth
When you meet someone for the first time
When you share your heart’s longing



Dating with Desire is a one day workshop that will help you get clear on what you want as you navigate your way through dating.

It’s an invitation to move from your head to your heart, where you’ll be free to show up as the real you, not hiding out from what’s most important and non-negotiable as you connect with others.

First, you’ll get clear on how you want to feel in all areas of your life, and then, you’ll get clear on how you most want to feel as you attract and meet people in your quest for the love and partnership you desire.

You’ll learn how to create the time and space to bring these feelings to life, and you’ll discover the courage needed to take the greatest risk of all – being yourself with others on a deeper level than you’ve imagined possible.


You will strip away the limiting beliefs and patterns that have kept you from dating successfully.

You’ll release the past and make way for the future you’ve been wanting.

You’ll unleash a flow of energy and authenticity that will attract more of what you want in your life.

From this clearing, you’ll feel a new space in which you can envision dating from a truly authentic place.

If you feel:

  • tired of the emotional roller coaster of dating
  • resentful that your time is given to so many crappy first dates
  • stuck and frustrated that you can’t seem to find someone that feels right

Now is the time to shift your focus – back to the basics – back to how you want to feel in your mind, body, and soul.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham

Now is the time to start dating with desire.

It is time to open yourself up to a new path – one that feels good from the inside out, where dating is expansive and full of possibility.

Dating with desire requires an honest look at who and what you’re going after – and why you’re going after it.

When you set intentions from a place of clean, clear energy, life responds, and your heart – along with the intentions of your soul – will lead the way to your heart’s desire.


Dating with Desire is about nourishing all aspects of who you are; emotional, spiritual, and physical.

This workshop is for you if you’re ready to:

  • embrace feeling good as your dating compass
  • make soul-nourishing choices every day
  • question what you think you know about dating
  • discover what’s most important to you in a relationship

This work will ignite the spark, and fan the flames of your desire, but be prepared:


If you are willing to be bold in the face of fear.
If your cage needs a firm, but loving rattling.
And if you know that now is the time to take this next step – join us and dare…

To be audacious.
To move from your head to your heart.

Now is the time to commit to yourself, and the relationship of your dreams.
Now is the time to create a new future.

“What if we took it one step further and made an effort to actually transform our pain into something beautiful?” – Danielle LaPorte



Lifestyle + Livelihood | Creativity + Learning | Body + Wellness
Relationships + Society | Essence + Spirituality

You will CLAIM your Core Desired Feelings and…

  • create a clear and tangible way to align with these feelings
  • create a strong visceral connection between you and your dating desires
  • learn new ways of returning to your true Self

Together, we’ll do the work to reveal and claim your Core Desired Feelings, and create a practice that brings them to life – because knowing them is just the first step.

Once you claim your Core Desired Feelings change is inevitable.


 You may feel the way you’ve always wanted to feel – in dating and life.


When:  Sunday, August 7, 2016
Time: 9 – 5:30pm
Location: Private space in downtown Vancouver (address forwarded upon registration)
Registration Fee: $300
(Includes lunch, healthy snacks, workbook, and gift)

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Pamela Sampel“Sandi’s facilitation of the Desire Map workshop was exquisite – a wonderful frame, great exercises, enough solo time to actually “do the work” and a sacred space. This work is simple but extraordinarily powerful. I’ve both facilitated and participated in 100’s of workshops, and I can honestly say this was by far one of the best I’ve ever experienced.” – Pamela Sampel 


Who is this workshop for?

This is for men and women who desire more, and are ready to go past the superficial aspects of dating. Feeling good is the primary intention and dating with desire is the intended outcome.

If I have Desire Mapped before will I still get value?

Yes, because when you focus this day on how you most want to feel about love, dating, and relationships, you can’t help but see and feel things from a new perspective. You may discover the way you’ve always wanted to feel.

What is included in my registration fee?

You will be well nourished, physically and emotionally. Lunch, snacks, workbook and a gift are included in your registration fee.

What should I bring to the program?

Curiousity, willingness, and an open heart are essential. Journal, water bottle, and layers are practical.

What is your refund policy? 

Between them, Sandi and Andrea have over twenty years of training and experience in the field of coaching and personal development, and we promise to serve you and create the best possible program experience. For this reason, we offer no refunds.

However, if your plans change after you register and you are no longer able to attend you are welcome to:

  • Move to a future event.
  • Give or sell your ticket to someone else.

Will you be offering Dating with Desire at another time?

Nothing is planned at this time. Sign up below for notifications of future workshops.

Find out as soon as new dates and locations are listed.



About Sandi

SAmorim headshotSandi Amorim is a Master Coach, creator of The 100 Day Promise, and bestselling author. She has spent twenty years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck and most importantly, what helps us thrive.

A seasoned professional in the field of coaching, Sandi is trained in Solution Focused Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), PSYCH-K, and Accelerated Evolution. She spent the first decade of her career focused on psychology, leadership, and neuroscience based bodies of work, but after an intense wake-up call at 49, she made a promise to herself to create, and live, a life she loved.

She is masterful at breaking down and dissolving outworn, toxic patterns and beliefs. A warrior for love and freedom, she will channel Kali and lead a search-and-destroy mission for what’s no longer working, forging a new path for a truly desired life. Her expertise is such that the past loses its grip, clarity appears, and acting from a place of love and freedom becomes a natural expression. She has worked with hundreds of women one-on-one, as well as in group formats, online programs, and live workshops and retreats internationally.

In 2014, she worked closely with Danielle LaPorte, leading the first Desire Map workshops in the world. Discovering her core desired feelings ignited her passion and she became a fiery advocate for women to feel good at any age, and especially in mid-life.

Core Desired Feelings: Spacious | Cherished | Free


Jill P“Imagine what it would be like if the first thing we asked each other upon meeting was “What are your core desired feelings, and how can I help you realise them today?” That’s the kind of space Sandi created in the one day workshop. She is a true example of how to balance the heart and head work that will lead a revolution in how we operate in this world.” – Jill Prescott

Lucca Hallex“There is no doubt in my mind that we attract more of the energy in which we habitually hang out. This workshop is the most direct route to getting your Core Desired Feelings. Sandi is skilled, heartfelt and down-to-earth, the perfect person to take your hand and gently lead you through the process.” – Lucca Hallex


About Andrea

Andrea-Bio-Shot-200x300Andrea Hill is your Chief Romantic Facilitator & Dating Mentor. She has had a love affair with love, since she can remember. She is a card carrying romantic, and has been studying and writing about the dynamics of the romantic relationship for over 10 years. She’s been married, divorced, had more dates than she cares to mention, and has also been blessed with some really special relationships along the way. All of these experiences have been her biggest teacher.

Having someone to love, is one of life’s greatest gifts. Sometimes receiving such a gift can misfire, or those involved aren’t always speaking the same language. Sometimes, you’re having a hard time finding someone to even miscommunicate with! She made the decision, that instead of joining the frustrated masses, she would help create opportunity and be a leader in promoting positive change.

In her own journey to find love she has encountered others on the same path, so she started asking questions. It was when she began hearing the same concerns from both the male, and female camps, that she decided to delve further and discover what it’s all about. She has interviewed people from small towns, to large cosmopolitan cities around the world, and the one thing we all have in common is the desire to love, and be loved. She has now made it her mission to help people do just that, successfully.

Professionally speaking, she has been in the relationship ‘business’ her entire life. Human connection is truly what makes the world go ’round. Her experience runs the gamut – teaching etiquette and deportment classes, delving into life and relationship reflection, running teams through exercises on how to become rockstar communicators and relationship champions. It has all brought her here, to follow her passion and help others connect to theirs, romantically.

Core Desired Feelings: Free | Easeful | Peace

FullSizeRender“I wanted more than an algorithm to guide me through my love life. With Andrea Hill I was understood, talked to and found in her a friend that would not just look for good on paper, but a partner in crime, someone with whom I could share life’s road.” – Tiarnach Mooney
IMG_9389“Andrea has dedicated herself to helping people date better. She is devoted to helping people find happiness, and is truly a gift to Vancouver’s dating singles.” – Mandy Sarfi

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Sandi is like a Desire Map astronaut — always charting ways to link people’s spirit with practical action. She’s a true, seasoned coach. Team D has come to dearly respect and value Sandi’s Desire Map facilitation in the world.” – Danielle LaPorte