IMAGINE Who you'll be after 100 DAYS?

Most of us can hardly commit to ten days when it comes to being good to ourselves, so one hundred days seems - let's tell the truth now - almost impossible.

So how do we get there from here? 


What does it take to keep a promise to yourself?

You have good intentions, you make promises, and then... life distracts you, and you forget about making yourself a priority. Sadly this often leads to giving up on yourself.

But imagine for a moment... starting the year with a new kind of commitment; a promise you make to yourself and then bring to life in a community of like-minded people.

A promise that is the perfect antidote to all the blah blah blah of New Year's resolutions.

Haven't you had enough of the hype of resolutions and typical goal-setting? 

Let's start with what you're actually promising on this 100-day journey.

Imagine making and keeping a promise to yourself the way keep a promise good friend...

After guiding hundreds of people through the 100 Day Promise, I am certain this would have a massive impact on your life.


Who might you be after 100 days?

The truth is you have no clue, and that is a very good thing.

It's also part of the magic of the 100-day journey.

I can't predict what's going to happen for you, but I can promise that when you show up and do the work you will change.

So let's talk a little about change...

Change can be challenging, frustrating, and sometimes impossible, but we all want to change something about ourselves. That's not the problem.

The problem is that you judge yourself harshly when you fail to change the way you want.

So how do you get there – your desired change – from here, frustration and self-recrimination?



The 100 Day Promise has changed my awareness of what is possible. In the midst of the shiny object syndrome going on in my entrepreneurial life, Sandi's daily prompts bring me back to centre, help me focus, and remind me of what I am committed to.



Sandi is a gifted coach and a trail-blazer, and  The 100 Day Promise is simply an outstanding program! If you’ve ever struggled to make changes in your life, The 100 Day Promise can change all that. I found it to be a deeply moving and transformative experience.



The 100 Day Promise is one sneaky coaching program with surprisingly powerful results. For me, the most powerful result of all was realising that I am indeed a woman of my word. I didn't use to be, and now I am. The program changed who I was and brought me one step closer to becoming the powerful and light-filled woman I came here to be.

The answer is The 100 Day Promise.

With exercises and daily prompts, this 100-day journey is designed to support you in developing a new relationship to yourself.

: from Medieval Latin, literally, to send forth into the future

You'll spend the first two weeks crafting a promise that speaks to your heart and soul; one that's worthy of your long-term commitment.

A promise that will ultimately create a new future for you.

The 100 Day Promise is about creating a new future that is aligned with what's most important to you.

It will teach you how to create conscious, effective change, and go deeper still to help you integrate the change once it begins.

Integration can often trigger everything that's stopped you before: limiting beliefs, negative emotional states, old stories, and of course, resistance.

This time, however, you’ll deal with it because pretending there’s no resistance is futile.

"It isn't that change is painful; it's our resistance to the process that
creates the pain...” - Bill Harris

End the resistance and the discomfort ends.

The 100 Day Promise is more than a program.

  • It is a profound shift from frustration to ease.
  • It is an environment designed to support you in creating sustainable change.
  • It’s a community that will offer support and remind you that you are not alone.

All of this will help you make better, more meaningful choices in your life. 



I totally came into The 100 Day Promise thinking I would be able to fix some weird behaviours around money -- boy was I thinking too small! After 100 days of working with Sandi and her phenomenal group, I have realised that abundance applies to so many more things than just financials. Probably the biggest abundance of all is the joy I felt at being able to keep such an important promise to myself.



I’ve been through the program several times and I am a believer. Sandi is a medicine woman for the soul who walks her talk. She supports you like a shining star as you venture into committing to the most important person to you… YOU. The 100 Day Promise is powerful medicine.



Keeping a promise to yourself is fraught with land mines, and it's easier to keep a promise to others. The 100 Day Promise is a program like no other I've ever encountered. It's not fast paced, it's not shiny or grabbing your attention by assuring success.  It is genius and magic in its simplicity.  Sandi opened my eyes to the possibility that you can succeed without so much striving and struggle.

What’s different about The 100 Day Promise?

What makes the program unique is Sandi's approach to change.

With twenty years experience and diverse training, she brings a real-world, real-results approach to the program. She conducted research in the fields of neuroscience, habit development, the cycle of change, the law of attraction, and positive psychology. She then took everything she learned and created The 100 Day Promise in a way that is both easy to understand and easy to follow through.

Along with her approach, what really adds value to the 100-day journey is that  she actually goes through the program with you.

With daily prompts and her personal experience, she guides you day-by-day to your own transformation.

The theme of the January 2018 promise is still to be determined.

From January through April 2018, you will focus your attention and energy making and keeping a promise to yourself.

Imagine yourself at the end of April looking back...

  • What will have changed?
  • Who have you become?
  • How did your relationship with yourself transform?

The 100 Day Promise offers just the right kind of support you need to take daily, consistent action that will create the kind of sustainable change you've been longing for.

From well-being and self-love to abundance and self-compassion, we've covered meaningful areas of life - each one chosen by the Promise community.



With the 100 Day Promise, Sandi has birthed a process and support system through which participants can create more of what they desire in their lives. It is life-changing and you should only sign up for this program if you're serious about launching real change in your life. Day by day it might not seem like much, but over time? Radical. Be careful what you promise because--if you do the daily work--you'll totally get it.



With a perfect balance of head and heart, Sandi teaches a new way to achieve what you want the most. 



The 100 Day Promise  was a great combination of information, exercises, and self-exploration; the content was amazing. Best of all, I have some great strategies for continuing far beyond 100 days. Sandi knows her stuff - and she’s incredible at bringing out the best in others.

The 100 Day promise: Self-Compassion includes:

  • 100 days of coaching, strategies, and support
  • 1 group conference call each month
    • A welcome call at the beginning to set our intention
    • A check-in call mid-way to clarify and fine-tune our actions
    • A completion call to celebrate together
  • Daily prompts to focus your energy and implement small changes
  • Weekly round-up of prompts
  • Monthly emails and recorded exercises to support integration
  • Private Facebook group for structure and accountability
  • A copy of the bestseller, The 100 Day Promise: A Guide to Changing from the Inside Out

The 100 Day Promise:

Program dates:

January - April 2018

Cost: $500 USD

This is for you if:

  • you're tired of self-judgement
  • you struggle with keeping your word
  • you're ready to treat yourself the way you'd treat someone you love

This is not for you if:

  • you expect a quick fix
  • you're not ready to do the work
  • you don't think it's possible to change

The 100 Day Promise is an environment of growth and development.

It's not random. It's not rocket science.

It's a practice.

The 100 Day Promise is a practice that guides you through the process of change in an  in-depth and soulful way.

Based on years of coaching experience and the latest research on habit change, it leads you where you most want to go – sustainable change and real transformation.

Research from The European Journal of Social Psychology suggests that although the average length of time needed to form a habit is 66 days, it varies between 18 to 254 days.

Which is why we practice for 100 days.

The 100 Day Promise isn't about uprooting your life. It is about creating a new future, and that takes showing up for yourself in a new way.

It IS a practice, but everyone can make the shift, and everyone can change if they do the work.

The 100 Day Promise:

Program dates:

January - April 2018

Cost: $500 USD

100 days to…

  • commit to a promise
  • develop a practice that works for you
  • move beyond what’s stopped you in the past

You will create a powerful practice.

You may feel vulnerable, but that vulnerability holds the key to your freedom.

You may want to quit, but you WILL find the courage and heart to stay committed.

Why? Because you also want more than anything to treat yourself with the kind of love and compassion you'd show a beloved friend.

What will you have at the end of 100 days?

  • A shift from self-recrimination to self-love
  • A new practice to keep you focused on treating yourself well
  • A deeper clarity and understanding of compassion and how it makes a difference

Most of all, you will have the freedom to embrace yourself in a whole new way.

There is joy in true integration.



The 100 Day Promise took me on a journey and helped me shed light on a painful topic. What I experienced in the program was more and more light shining through until I felt a breakthrough happen. I highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to do the work. You will see results just by showing up!!



The 100 Day Promise is a fun and relatively easy method to either integrate a habit you want in your life or remove one that no longer serves you. Through weekly lessons and daily prompts, I not only changed habits but also came away with a deeper understanding and appreciation for myself. 



Filled with the wisdom only experience can bring, knowledge only the best training can deliver and practices only the resolute will have tried, Sandi delivers an astoundingly accessible process which takes you on a journey from start to finish.

The 100 Day Promise:

Program dates:

January - April 2018

Cost: $500 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you offer this program again?

The next Promise is scheduled for January 2018.

What technology do I need to use the course content?

You will need:

  • Internet access
  • A computer, tablet or smart phone
  • Something to listen to audio recordings

How long does it take to complete the program?

100 days

What if I can’t keep up, fall behind or don’t keep my word, etc?

This is a promise, not a challenge. You can’t fall behind because the practice begins newly each day.

Do I have to participate in the Facebook group?

If you want to get the most out of the program, the answer is yes. The group has proven to be the heart of the program, and participants who actively engage tend to have a much richer experience and more sustainable outcome.

Can I change my mind and get a refund?

No. Once registered, I respectfully offer no refunds. Please read the entire page carefully before you register to make sure this program is for you.


About Sandi

Sandi Amorim is a Master Coach, creator of The 100 Day Promise, and bestselling author. She has spent twenty years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck and most importantly, what helps us thrive.

A seasoned professional in the field of coaching, Sandi is trained in Solution Focused Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), PSYCH-K, and Accelerated Evolution. She spent the first decade of her career focused on psychology, leadership, and neuroscience-based bodies of work, but after an intense wake-up call at 49, she made a promise to herself to create, and live, a life she loved.

She is masterful at breaking down and dissolving outworn toxic patterns and beliefs. A warrior for love and freedom, she will channel Kali and lead a search-and-destroy mission for what’s no longer working, forging a new path for a truly desired life. Her expertise causes the past to lose its grip, clarity appears, and acting from a place of love and freedom becomes a natural expression. She has worked with hundreds of women one-on-one, as well as in group formats, online programs, live workshops and international retreats.

In 2014, she worked closely with Danielle LaPorte, leading the first Desire Map workshops in the world. She became a fiery advocate for women to reclaim their power and make feeling good a priority.

Core Desired Feelings: Spacious | Cherished | Free

Imagine who you'll be after 100 days of self-compassion.