Your Words Are Heard


I’ve been thinking a lot about the World Domination Summit. 

It would be a gross understatement to say it rocked me to the core, in ways both expected and surprising.

Surprising in that I noticed where I still hold back.

That there’s another layer. Opening deeper, embracing more, living in the now.

It’s a practice.

Ongoing till my last breath.

“Spiritual practice is like eating for the heart.” – Mark Silver

Opening as a practice.

Opening and expressing.

Why I’m here.

Purpose.  Mission.  Path.

Call it what you will.

I call it my heart’s desire.

I’m here to create a supernova-like collision that cracks open your brilliance so it becomes impossible not to take action on what’s important in your life.
I’m here to kick your ass and love you more than socially acceptable, because you were born to shine.

Now. Not someday.


Because there’s no time like the present and deathbed regrets suck.

Your words are heard.

So right now, in this moment what would you say about your heart’s desire?

Say it now in the comments below.



A Summit of Dreams

I had a dream recently.

It felt like both a vague memory and something yet to be realized.

Maybe that’s what dreams are – reminders of what’s possible – but possible coming from the truth of who you are.

The truth of who you are.

The dream you are here for.

It triggers that small part of your brain, on the alert, protecting you from:

  • failure
  • rejection
  • disappointment

That part of you, your lizard brain, so totally committed to keeping you safe. Even from your dreams.

And safe you remain.

Thinking of someday . . .

A day, far off in the distant future.

A day when the planets align and the moon is blue.

A day when you finally get your ducks in a row.

But (this is where your dream becomes a nightmare) someday N E V E R comes.

Unless . . .

  • A loved one dies suddenly
  • You get the diagnosis you never want to hear
  • Mother Nature wreaks havoc and destroys life as you know it

We’ve all heard stories of this type of wake up call.

Stories of that inspiring person who wakes the fuck up and refuses to succumb to the diagnosis, embracing their dreams instead.

What if you didn’t have to wait for that kind of wake up call?

What if instead, you found yourself in a room with 500 of the most awake human beings you’ve ever encountered?

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