We Are All Connected


Cormorants on Point Grey Bell Boy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Cormorants, black as ink,
their wings spread wide
drying in the brisk evening air.

Five of them, together,
watching out for each other.

Are they related?
Connected in some way?

Do they notice when one
goes missing?

Are they like us, connected
but pretending that they’re not?

Now, there are six.

The silhouette of their necks
like wrought iron,
black curves against the grey of
the water below.


Set Yourself in Motion


At Rest, photo of gravestone at Mountainview Cemetery, Vancouver, BC

Walking through the cemetery,
present to life.

In all its messy, splendid glory,
this life is what you have.

With dreams and yearnings,
secret wish lists tucked away
at the back of your mind.

Newton said,
“a body at rest will remain at rest
unless an outside force acts on it

So you wait for that outside force,
to strike, and set you in motion.

Going at it ass backwards,
when the source of your power is inside.

How long will you let it lie dormant?

How many more hours, days,
and years will you let pass you by?


Set yourself in motion;
exchange your inertia for freedom.

A Credo for Living Your Best Life

definition of credo against burning background

Fight FOR something, not against.

Own who you are without apology.

Trust feelings over logic.

Take the first step even though it’s the hardest.

Change the world by looking inward.

Don’t just keep your word, honour it.

Ignite revolution from the inside out.

Be curious, experiment, question everything.

Do what you know to do.

Respect and live your values.

Believe. . .even when it’s most challenging.

Belong because you say so.

Embrace change, but don’t rush it.

Stand your ground for what’s important.

Crush your someday thinking.

Rock the boat, fiercely and often.

Speak your truth for there lies your essence.

Be, do and have what you’re here for.

Shine bright and shrink less.

Be brilliant, talented, fabulous.

Let silence nourish you.

Choose to open, especially when things feel tight.

Forgive yourself for losing your way.

Rattle the cage, speak up.

Choose love over fear every time.


A Letter from the Future


Dear One,

Watching you the past few months brings up tears of happiness and pride.

And I am proud of you, for it would have been much easier to quit.

outdoor market area, Santa Fe, New Mexico

You, however, are not a quitter.

You persist.

“Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

You commit with your whole heart and then do what it takes to follow through.

Just one of the many things I love about you.

Your passion and persistence are like arrows to my heart.

The way you weave your feelings into words. . .well, just slay me now.

I’m crushing on you.

Lovin’ you up, all the way from the future.


Sandi Amorim signature



How Losing Your Mind Can Help You Find Yourself


My description of a silent retreat is this…

thoughtful words of challenge painted on the front wall of the old skate arena at Red Hill, Brisbane.

And I’m only partly kidding.

Does the concept scare you?

When I talk about my love of silent retreats I often hear comments like,

“I could never do that!”

“That kind of silence scares me!”

“Why on earth would you do such a thing?”

But what I’ve learned from many retreats into silence is this. . .

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Where Are You From, Really?


Brian Tracy said, “It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. All that matters is where you are going.”

Yes, and when you acknowledge where you’re from with love and respect, the impact on where you’re going is profound.


Where am I from?

I am from a home where love and laughter reigned, a place of simple joys and comfort. giant heart stone found at Davis Bay, near Sechelt, BC

A home that prepared me for a life of connection, contribution and love; living each day fully, someday nowhere to be found.

I am from a woman, compassionate and loving, who chose a man strong and proud.

From my grandmother’s knee, oven-baked bread and rosy cheeks in the crisp wintry air.

A land, where immigrants gathered to start anew, courage and spirit to brave the elements.

A land that prepared me for western shores; where mountains and ocean collide.


Where am I from?

From the school of possibility; the spirit’s edge, my church the mountains and the waves below.

A place of coeur-age where risk and exploration connect.

childhood books on the shelf, photo by Sandi Amorim

Birthed in the stories of Jo March, Elizabeth Bennett, and a red-haired girl named Anne.

Where girls have heart, and spirit in abundance.


It’s easy to tell the stories that keep you small.

But right here as you read this, what’s the story that warms your heart?

That’s the one you should be telling.


Living Fully with Project 137


You never know where or when you’ll be struck by a wake up call; the kind of message that sneaks in and rattles your cage. And when you wake up to the knowing that there really is no someday you start to see these messages everywhere.

Because the reality is we all need reminders.

It’s easy to become complacent and comfortable with the day-to-day routine of life. And I’m not even saying that’s bad. It’s not.

It’s just not where we come fully alive.

“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet
confinement of your aloneness
to learn
anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.”
– David Whyte

Fully alive is how I want to live, and I’m pretty sure that’s what you want too or you wouldn’t be here reading.

That’s what compelled me to take part in Patti Digh’s Project 137

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For the Love of Silence


close up of wooden Buddha

“Silence is the language of god, all else is poor translation.” – Rumi

These days, when I think of silence my whole system – mind, body and spirit – responds quickly. Silence has worked its way into my life, becoming such a strong trigger that I only have to think of it to feel a longing.

I wasn’t always this way about silence.

Years ago, as I prepared to go to my first 4 day silent retreat I wondered at what had compelled me to sign up. I’d gone to visit the retreat centre with a friend; just to keep her company really, yet I was the one to say yes.

In the beginning, the silence was threatening. The first 24 hours of that long ago retreat were so challenging. Without my voice, the internal chatter got really loud; so loud I thought I’d made a mistake, that I was losing my mind.

But by the middle of the second day, an interesting thing happened. Space began to appear in my mind – calm, clear space, like nothing I’d ever experienced before – and I returned home rested, feeling more creative than ever, ideas and possibilities in abundance.

And I was hooked, just like that.

“Silence is sometimes the best answer.” – Dalai Lama

Fast forward fifteen years. . .

I now crave silence, finding it to be the best self-care practice – and believe me, I’ve tried many.

My preference is to attend one or two retreats a year, but when that’s not possible I fit it into my schedule however I can.

Sometimes it’s to unplug phones and technology once I’m done with clients for the day. Other times, I choose a 2 day block of time and sort out my schedule accordingly; no clients, no conversations, nothing. It’s not as effective as my retreats away but it does the job in a pinch.

So what’s my relationship to silence?

That of a lover always longing for more.


Inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s Burning Question: What’s your relationship to silence?


No One Does It Alone

Buddha in profile, monks walking away

No one does it alone.

It’s easy to forget that.

Maybe your past has turned into a story about why:

But everyone needs help sometimes. Especially those of us who think we can go it alone.

It’s tough to talk about; God knows I don’t like admitting it.

But here’s the truth I know today. . .

No one can or should do it alone, and even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

We’ve all got stories, plenty of them, but those stories suck the joy out of life and lead to a dark and scary neighbourhood where your lizard brain thrives.

It’s easy to hang onto the stories and forget that you have amazing people in your life. Call me Pollyanna but I am certain that you do.

People who light you up with their joy, show you the way when you feel lost and love you no matter what.

This is a love note to them.


Dear One,

Who you are is a recent gift, for which I am grateful.

Who you are gives me comfort, and like Linus with his blanket I feel safe.

Who you are is a beacon, lighting my path when I think I’m at the end.

Who you are is love in human form; remembering your hug makes me smile.

Who you are for me reminds me of who I am for others.

Some days I have to dig deep to remember you are there, nestled safe and snug in my heart.

Some days I try to avoid who you are, for your light reflects mine. . .and I can hardly be with that.

And when you, yourself, forget who you are, come to me and I will tell you. Search my heart and you will find. . .you.

You remind me that I don’t have to go it alone.

And with my whole heart I thank you.