The Freedom Sessions

You’re here and ready – let’s rock your world.

The Freedom Sessions are ground-breaking conversations that will change everything about your current reality. 

Five sessions that will shake you to the core.

Five sessions that will radically change the vision of life you thought you were destined (or doomed) to live.

Five sessions that will finally create the space you need to re-write your future.

The future where the best, most successful, most radiant version of you rises from the ashes and becomes what you’re truly meant to become.

STAR-STRUCK BOKEH: original photo - Neal Fowler

Five sessions that will reveal the true you.

These five sessions are the ultimate game-changer. And not in some fluffy, ‘kumbaya’ kind of way.

Think out of body experience kind of way, in that you’ll literally feel your mind, body and spirit turn inside out.

You might not recognize what comes out the other side.

That’s good. That’s the work. And that’s why you need to be fully invested.

“The Freedom Sessions provided the most important chunk of information I’ve ever learned about myself.” – Ellen Berg

Five sessions, during which time we’ll deconstruct and dissolve all that came before to build something completely authentic and new.

Something completely, truly YOU.

It’s time to give yourself permission to find out what you’re capable of.


What you can expect:

  • five sessions (phone/Skype) best done as a 4 hour half-day commitment or two 2 hour sessions within one week
  • deep clearing of what’s stopped you, followed by a profound experience of freedom and renewed energy

What it takes:

  • your commitment to stay with the process
  • your investment of $1,500
  • your full presence

What I promise:

  • to guide you through the dark stuff that will might come up, into a lighter, freer perspective
  • to be there with you as we explore the boundaries of your freedom
  • to help you reclaim your experience of freedom in life


Say YES to freedom

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Praise for the Freedom Sessions

“The Freedom Sessions are not for the faint of heart. There is no quick fix – this is the work. You have to do the work so that when your most exquisite dreams actually do come to you, you’re ready for them. You’re ready to step out of who you’ve been up to this point and step into everything you’ve always known you could be. And believe me when I say this – it feels nothing like you’ve ever imagined.” – Jillian Locke


“The Freedom Sessions helped me release the negative baggage that I was holding, and gave me clarity around the unique gifts that I bring to the world. The benefits were both immediate and long-term, as months later I’m still seeing the results in my life.” – Greg Berg, Host/Producer Radio Enso